Five Spectacular, Sustainable Italian Farmstays

Italy is home to a very special kind of tourism.  Known locally as agriturismo, it’s what happens when the worlds of agriculture and tourism come together to create completely unique accommodation experiences.  Essentially, an agriturismo is a hotel located on a farm.  Agriturismos are dotted across Italy, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the olive … Read more

Flying with Biofuels

The environmental impact of air travel is staggering.  According to the David Suzuki Foundation, recreational air travel could be responsible for nearly ten percent of the climate change caused by human activity, and air travel has the greatest per-traveler environmental impact of any form of transportation, at every distance.  With the number of people traveling … Read more

Best Sustainable American Architecture

One of the most significant developments of the modern green movement is the rise in sustainable and eco-friendly architecture. While the building industry in the past has been responsible for some pretty serious environmental damage – whether that’s through detrimental construction practices or through the creation of energy inefficient buildings – new concerns in the … Read more

Go Green in the Black Forest

Freiburg is a characteristic university town situated in southwest Germany’s Black Forest, near the border with Switzerland and France.  As Germany’s warmest and sunniest city, it has harnessed its pleasant weather to power a blossoming ecotourism industry.  From natural supermarkets that generate more power than they use to eco-friendly hotels, and from organic restaurants to … Read more

Three Amazing Eco-Lodges in Nicaragua

With a rugged Pacific coast, aquamarine Caribbean coast, and dense tropical forests surrounding enormous volcanoes in the middle, Nicaragua is a nature lover’s dream.  A new crop of eco-lodges has sprung up to meet the needs of travelers who want to take in the country’s amazing natural landscapes while minimizing their own impact on the … Read more