Green Hotels in Boston, MA

Boston’s modern development has been characterized by a significant dedication to all things green. From cleaning up the city and adding more park space, to serious recycling programs, to an emphasis on eco friendly LEED construction, this east coast mainstay has come a long way. If you’re looking to visit Beantown any time and are searching for an environmentally friendly place to stay, you’ll find that there are more options than ever for the eco-conscious traveler to choose from.

Green hotels in Boston tackle a lot of environmental issues.  Many hotels are being built with (or renovated with) sustainable design principles. Even more hotels adopt rigorous recycling programs, reduce water and food waste, and reuse as much as possible. It’s also common to find organic and locally sourced food on offer at hotel dining venues.

Of course, not all hotels are created equal. Some are more serious than others about their green policies, while some only pretend to be eco-friendly to attract a different crowd. Fortunately, however, there are many genuinely green hotels in Boston to choose from, as evidenced by this list. If you’re looking for a green hotel for your next trip, keep in mind these top eco-friendly lodging options.

The Boxer Boston

Offering many of the most impactful eco-friendly features, such as in-room recycling, optional housekeeping, and energy-efficient heating/cooling, their internal EarthView program combines sustainability with philanthropy in a big way to make a truly positive impact on the world around them.

Courtyard Boston Copley Square

This hotel is so dedicated to reducing water waste that they offer incentives to customers who opt not to have their linens and towels changed daily, like extra hotel points or dining discounts.

InterContinental Boston

As part of the InterContinental Hotel Group Green Engage program, this hotel tracks everything from their water usage to their waste reduction to their energy efficiency. They set specific goals for reducing their carbon footprint, and report their successes each year, so you know you’re staying at a hotel that truly cares.

Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel

As part of a broader Kimpton effort to be green, this specific hotel utilizes energy efficient bulbs, reduced-water bathroom appliances, and eco-friendly toiletries. They even offer a discount on parking to those with hybrid cars!

Lenox Hotel

This boutique hotel was among the first in the city to adopt serious sustainability practices, with everything from windows that reduce heating/cooling costs to reduced water usage to frequent recycling programs.

Loews Boston Hotel

This particular hotel has an ambitious and wide-ranging series of green policies, including everything from your standard recycling, reusing, and reducing practices to donating uneaten food, using eco-friendly ink and paper, and providing all of their staff with training on how to be greener.

Mandarin Oriental, Boston

Ranking highly among green hotels in Boston, the Mandarin Oriental has an impressive sustainability program in place that has resulted in a significant reduction in emissions and water waste in the last few years alone, with ambitious goals of reading even great reductions by 2020.

Residence Inn by Marriott Boston Back Bay / Fenway

With features like in-room recycling, optional reduced laundry, and energy efficient lighting, guests participate in the green initiatives just as much as the hotel staff do.

Seaport Boston Hotel

This popular luxury hotel features in-room recycling, offers Energy Star appliances, uses energy efficient bulbs, and has a Green Key Certified Linen Program. They even offer honey beer brewed from the bees on their green roof!

W Boston

Also part of a larger chain of eco-friendly hotels, the W Boston offers the distinctive “Make a Green Choice” program, where guests receive incentives to reuse towels and linens. They also offer eco-friendly rooms and recycling practices.