Best Green Travel Accessories

So you want to plan an environmentally friendly vacation. You’ve chosen a hotel that reduces water waste and serves organic food. You’ve opted for an airline that offers drinks in recycled cups and minimizes food waste. You’ve even chosen the ideal destination to encourage your love for the environment. But to take that last little … Read more

Top 10 Green Cities Around the Globe

Our world is working to be a greener place every day. With new sustainability initiatives that include everything from green building to recycling to organic farming, there are plenty of ways that individuals and corporations can make a difference for the environment. If you’re looking to continue your environmentally responsible practices on your vacation, then … Read more

Top Ten Botanical Gardens in North America

A central part of green travel is the imperative to preserve the delicate balance between human and nature, and to nourish and protect the environment as much as possible. Because botanical gardens and other nature-centric attractions make the conservation of rare and quotidian flora their primary concern, they can be both a great resource for … Read more

Best Books to Read Before Your Green Vacation

By Katie Sagal If you’re interested in planning a green vacation, then you’ll want to make sure you know what you’re looking for when choosing a destination, a hotel, a mode of transportation, and even activities. Of course, it’s also important to know more about the significance behind these sustainable practices. So while you’ve scoured … Read more

Eco Guide to Brighton

By Rob Perkins Brighton, on the south coast of England just an hour from London, is one of the UK’s most eco-friendly cities. Known for its creative, bohemian atmosphere, diverse nightlife and acceptance of alternative lifestyles, Brighton was the first English city to elect a Green Member of Parliament, and has a strong focus on sustainable … Read more