7 Top Green Practices Every Eco Traveler Should Know

Shocking statistics about the current state of our planet force us to take a closer look at our actions that impact the environment while traveling. The good news: if each of us makes an effort in eco-friendly travel, that can have huge benefits for healing the planet. To do your part, follow a few of … Read more

The Five Most Bike-Friendly US Cities for Tourists

With global consciousness on the rise, today’s society thrives on ways to save our planet.  Many supporting cities have chosen to go green. Tourists can explore a city, and all its beauty, by simply renting a bicycle through bike-sharing programs put in place throughout the US. Eco-friendly travel has never been so simple. Let’s take … Read more

5 Ways to a Greener Flight

Most travel by plane without giving a second thought about the impact that flight has on the environment. People think more about the excitement of seeing a new destination, checking in on time, or finding a spacious seat with plenty of legroom. While the environment might not come to mind first, people are becoming increasingly … Read more

London on a Self Guide Bike Tour

London is a go-to destination for travelers from all over the world. We’re drawn to historic buildings like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. And why not? This cosmopolitan city is alive with history and grandeur. But if you’re a frequent visitor to London, you may want to dive deeper into … Read more

The Five Most Bike-Friendly European Cities for Tourists

There was a time when travelers in Europe had few transportation options.  Namely, they could choose between expensive taxis, or public transit systems that were often inconvenient or confusing.  It’s 2017, though, and many major European cities have introduced an innovative, eco-friendly alternative: public bicycle rentals.  Through these programs, locals and tourists alike now have … Read more