London on a Self Guide Bike Tour

London is a go-to destination for travelers from all over the world. We’re drawn to historic buildings like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. And why not? This cosmopolitan city is alive with history and grandeur. But if you’re a frequent visitor to London, you may want to dive deeper into … Read more

The Five Most Bike-Friendly European Cities for Tourists

There was a time when travelers in Europe had few transportation options.  Namely, they could choose between expensive taxis, or public transit systems that were often inconvenient or confusing.  It’s 2017, though, and many major European cities have introduced an innovative, eco-friendly alternative: public bicycle rentals.  Through these programs, locals and tourists alike now have … Read more

Five Spectacular, Sustainable Italian Farmstays

Italy is home to a very special kind of tourism.  Known locally as agriturismo, it’s what happens when the worlds of agriculture and tourism come together to create completely unique accommodation experiences.  Essentially, an agriturismo is a hotel located on a farm.  Agriturismos are dotted across Italy, from the vineyards of Tuscany to the olive … Read more

Go Green in the Black Forest

Freiburg is a characteristic university town situated in southwest Germany’s Black Forest, near the border with Switzerland and France.  As Germany’s warmest and sunniest city, it has harnessed its pleasant weather to power a blossoming ecotourism industry.  From natural supermarkets that generate more power than they use to eco-friendly hotels, and from organic restaurants to … Read more

Best Sustainable European & UK Architecture

The single most important trend in modern architecture is arguably the move towards sustainable construction. Green, eco-friendly buildings are changing our ideas not only about how construction can be achieved in more environmentally sensitive ways, but how we as humans use space in our communities. As more and more architecture firms advance new techniques for … Read more