7 Top Green Practices Every Eco Traveler Should Know

Shocking statistics about the current state of our planet force us to take a closer look at our actions that impact the environment while traveling. The good news: if each of us makes an effort in eco-friendly travel, that can have huge benefits for healing the planet. To do your part, follow a few of … Read more

5 Ways to a Greener Flight

Most travel by plane without giving a second thought about the impact that flight has on the environment. People think more about the excitement of seeing a new destination, checking in on time, or finding a spacious seat with plenty of legroom. While the environment might not come to mind first, people are becoming increasingly … Read more

Flying with Biofuels

The environmental impact of air travel is staggering.  According to the David Suzuki Foundation, recreational air travel could be responsible for nearly ten percent of the climate change caused by human activity, and air travel has the greatest per-traveler environmental impact of any form of transportation, at every distance.  With the number of people traveling … Read more

How to Choose the Best Eco-Tour

Eco-tourism is booming in recent years, offering ethical and environmentally friendly options for those who want to explore the natural world while minimizing human impact. Companies offer eco-tours that might be anything from a trek through the Amazon to a hike up an extinct volcano. Deciding what part of the world you want to explore … Read more

Best Green Travel Accessories

So you want to plan an environmentally friendly vacation. You’ve chosen a hotel that reduces water waste and serves organic food. You’ve opted for an airline that offers drinks in recycled cups and minimizes food waste. You’ve even chosen the ideal destination to encourage your love for the environment. But to take that last little … Read more