The Five Most Bike-Friendly US Cities for Tourists

With global consciousness on the rise, today’s society thrives on ways to save our planet.  Many supporting cities have chosen to go green. Tourists can explore a city, and all its beauty, by simply renting a bicycle through bike-sharing programs put in place throughout the US. Eco-friendly travel has never been so simple. Let’s take a look at the five most bike-friendly US cities for tourists and what makes them a pedaling paradise:

On a bike tour on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

Chicago, Illinois

What better way to grasp an insight into the stunning Chicago scene than by riding along Lakefront Trail, a 20-mile trail with views of Lake Michigan. Tourists can embrace area history, art, and culture while soaking up the summer sun. You can even opt for an electric bike-tour, making exploring convenient and accessible for all. From thousands of bike racks scattered throughout the city to programs put in place by the local government that educates the public on bicycle safety and awareness, Chicago is a biker’s dream destination. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Famous for harsh winters, Minneapolis presents an unexpected hotspot for tourists to explore on two wheels. With a magnificent bicycle infrastructure in place, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul support a huge cycling community. Over 200 miles of both on and off-street bike lanes makes it easy to cycle just about anywhere within these cities. City touring by bicycle has never been easier with the Nice Ride Minneapolis program put in place that allows anyone to access bike rentals throughout the city for as little as $6 for an all-day pass! Honored with the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award by the League of American Bicycles, Minneapolis is up there with one of the best cities for cycling.

Portland, Oregon  

Portland hosts a perfect destination for pedaling. With an abundance of pathways for cyclists, public bike rentals and programs in place ensure bicycle safety. It’s pretty much a biker’s paradise. Tourists can freely ride through the streets of Portland admiring the scenery, and the city even offers free maps for support and guidance. Tourists can access over 1,000 smart bikes situated throughout the city, creating a convenient way to discover Portland’s beauty. It’s no wonder Bicycling magazine has crowned it as the nation’s #1 Biking City for several years running. 

San Francisco, California 

San Francisco has supported bike culture since 1973, offering an array of routes suitable to all levels of cyclists. This pedaling paradise offers flat roads for those wanting to glide along and enjoy the scenery, as well as uphill battles if you want to challenge yourself to a good workout. By encouraging today’s society to explore the city by bike, San Francisco has created hundreds of miles of bike lanes, and cyclists here even have the privilege of a raised protective pathway on one of the city’s busiest roads. No matter which path you choose, you are sure to appreciate the views that San Francisco bike trails have to offer.

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